Teaching You How Create Video Content, to Attract your Ideal Audience and Make the Income You Desire. 

Does this sound familiar to you?

👉 You want to grow your business & audience 

👉 You want to create a connection with your audience 

👉 You want to sell more products and services 

👉 You want to get more women or your team 

👉 You want to be known as the go to person in your industry 

👉 You want to be able to show up effortlessly on camera


But, you’re tired of the these…

👉 Working so hard and feeling like you are not getting anywhere

👉 Having a non-existent brand & being stuck with ugly graphics

👉 Not know what you should be talking about when it comes to getting on camera

👉 Wanting start a YouTube but not knowing what or how to do it

👉 Working multiple different platforms with no real results 

👉 Trying to piece together a strategy based on what you think someone else is doing without understanding the why they do it


What You’ll Get

Ready Set Record is accelerated program that Amber and Olivia have created that combines more than 15 years of experience in branding, entreprenuership and video marketing insider insight. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to take your message to the masses in a structured and organized way. 

  • 10 week Mastermind Program
  • 4 Dynamic Coaches  
  • 5 Masterclass Sessions (Clarity, Branding, Camera & Attraction Marketing)
  • Done for you Branding (Logo, Branded Thumbnail Templates, Branded Social Media Templates, Branded Youtube Intro/Outro)
  • Content Planning Party (52 Weeks) 
  • Video Auditing 
  • Launch Strategy 
  • INSANE Social Media Virtual Channel Launch Party

Now enrolling for cycle 2 of Ready Set Record Mastermind

sessions start April 5, 2021

We only have 25 spots available for RSR so space is limited.

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